Your Destination has Arrived by Barry Cheema

A police dog is awarded a human life for his act of bravery. A K9, Bruno is smart and brave and is going to live the life of a human. But the reward comes with a sacrifice. The police dog is expected to achieve a task for him to remain in the body of a human forever. What makes the story more interesting is that Bruno, while dealing with the task, has to deal with another concern—the subconscious mind of the human body, which happened to belong to a terrorist.

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Your Destination has Arrived by Barry Cheema

A Review
“An amazing book, among the best of my 45+ years of reading.
Thank you for your story. An absolute delight. Please anyone reading this book. Do not give up. There is a saying. Don’t stop just before reaching the gold. My heart and soul are singing to me on finishing this tale. Thank you again.”

~ Gill (New Zealand)

About Barry Cheema
From the harshness of the scorching desert sand to the softness of dew drops on a rose petal, Barry Cheema has deeply felt every facet of life through his sensitive and poetic heart.

After graduating in music vocal from Punjab University, Chandigarh and completing an acting and theatre course with ‘Actor Prepares’, he knew he had one other thing in him—being a storyteller.

Apart from poetry, composing and programming songs, he is well known for his singing.

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