Writing From My Soul To Yours – Albert C Moore


I first felt compelled to write a book in 2002. It was originally conceived to be a memoir. That felt overwhelming. Writing seemed slow and laborious; frightened, I couldn’t begin. I’d identified as an architect and urban designer for decades. Drawings were my primary mode of communication. A professional editor suggested I write fiction. She knew I loved storytelling. Expanding my creative endeavors always inspires me. Tenacity is one of my strong suits, so I called on it and surrendered to my new mistress, writing.

I enrolled in a short story writing class at Santa Fe Community College. One semester turned into three years, over which time the members of our small group became close. We learned from and supported one another.

After that, I practiced chunking down my writing into even smaller pieces. With a self-imposed 800-word cap, I wrote stories about what I’d learned from my travels, trials, and triumphs. Publishing two stories each month for a year on my blog, bluespacecreations.com, my writing confidence grew and I established a modest international following.

Next, I capitalized on this momentum by establishing a guiding concept. Like I’d done as an architect designing buildings, the concept for my story would be a yardstick by which to measure the consistency and efficacy of each detail. Hoping to inspire readers, I created a central character who lived out true stories from my life and embedded him into a fictional context. As I had, he was facing a life or death crisis. My story’s primary theme: Why has my life been … Continue reading

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