WRITE to Heal: 10 Ways to use Writing and Words to Boost Your Well-Being and Transform Your Life by Janet Groom

Overcome Trauma, Negative Thoughts and much more with the power of your pen.

WRITE to Heal is a book that works with TEN different healing modalities that involve writing, proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Learn to connect with the power of words and allow them to work magic in transforming your life.

Find out how you can learn to express yourself, shift your emotions and overcome trauma, all by using simple techniques. If you enjoy writing, you will find lots of ideas as to how to use your passion for writing to transform your life.

* Stop suffering and heal the pain from your past.
* Forgive and release relationships and open yourself to healing from the inside out.
* Reconnect with the power of your passion and create the intentions and desire for a life you desire.
* Boost your mindset with powerful positivity exercises.
* Use your creativity to re-write your life.

This book is for anyone who is ready to embrace change and shift their life from a negative place to a place where they can once again enjoy the wonders and beauty of the world around them, and ramp up their happy vibrations.

Grab your pen and journal and start your healing journey today.

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WRITE to Heal: 10 Ways to use Writing and Words to Boost Your Well-Being and Transform Your Life by Janet Groom


A Review
“Janet is such an inspiring lady, as an author, she experienced the healing her writing and words can have. She has had many chats with amazing writers and authors and expanded her insights into writing, seeing it all from various angles, and situations. She knows what it means to write to heal. She has put everything into her book, as always with Mind, Body and Soul, her credo. I know her book can bring healing with reading too.”

~ Caroline Palmy, Heart Flow Healer and Author

About Janet Groom
I enjoyed writing stories at school, and when I start to travel the world, I would love to write letters to my family and loved ones back at home. Of course, this was the era before Skype, Email, and FaceTime. Back in the day, overseas letters were written on special lightweight blue-colored airmail envelopes (gosh, am I showing my age!).

Even when I started working as a secretary typing words were important to convey information, and, yes, I started on a manual typewriter (which I loathed with vengeance!) Over the years, in different job roles, I have written economic reports, news articles and many “how to” guides and handbooks.

Now is my time to bring all my amazing exploits, learnings and joie de vivre together. Of course, add in a good dose of my slightly quirky humour, and I am ready to share with you my thoughts, experiences, and ideas on life in general in the written form.

Visit Janet Groom’s website.

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