Worthless by A.C.S Symonds

After two teenagers are captured by giants, they face a valuation. Patrick is considered a collectible and lives a life of luxury, while Julia is considered worthless and given away as a pet to a young girl. Forced to live in a cage, humiliated, beaten and trained for obedience, she loses all hope. Faced with an enemy of incredible power, she must find the strength within herself to escape her captors and to bring together a force capable of destroying the system that enslaved her.

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Worthless by A.C.S Symonds

A Review

This is a brilliantly crafted story that mixes themes of Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver’s Travels and Lee Child. As with all good books it can be read on many levels…But then, as a fan of Terry Pratchett I’m always looking for the hidden parallels to the world in which we live.

A caution : There are scenes of violence and retribution

~ ‘Bedrock’

About A.C.S Symonds

A.C.S Symonds was born and raised in the UK, but has lived most of his adult life in China. This is his debut novel.

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