Winter’s End by A.C. Salter

The North is cold, harsh and unforgiving; a place to make sharpened steel sing with revenge. And Jaygen has a bloody song to reap across the mountainous snowscape. His quest taking him through the ruined land that the merging of worlds has rendered. Peter, the Earth-born, a loyal companion by his side as they search for Winter herself – the God that had stolen Fieri from him. Yet Winter isn’t the only god with an interest in the north. As Jaygen seeks revenge, so too does Gebadia, a flaming demon who wants retribution for the death of Hades, and is willing to burn every village, town, and city to claim it. But can Grimwolf stray away from his own path long enough to stop the slaughter of innocent Vikings? As the frozen world around him descends into chaos, Jaygen finds himself tangled with Fidget, a young girl with unnatural secrets of her own. Together they face their demons while the North strives to survive the curses that they both endure. Revenge is a dish best served ice cold…

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Winter's End by A.C. Salter

A Review

“Having read the first two books in this series, I could not wait to find out how it all ends and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. My every expectation for this story was met! Merged worlds bring all sorts of surprises, from the creepiest creatures to heroic hearts, and I lapped it up. Then there are the battles! Massive in scale, the give it all and die for a cause type battles, filled with death, horror, and terror. From snow to fire, from air to underwater – I found myself holding my breath sometimes!”

~ Bryan James

About A. C. Salter
Adrian C Salter lives in the Cotswolds, England with his wife and four children.

Born in Yorkshire, he’s spent time living in Essex, Oxford, Leicestershire, and York. At 18 he joined the British army and spent 6 years as a soldier in the infantry. His service included several tours of Northern Ireland, Kenya, Belgium, Norway and an operation with the special forces in Sierra-Lione.

When he’s not reading or writing he likes to spend time with his wife and family, which include a grumble of 3 pugs.

To date, his books include EVERSONG, SHADOJAK, ETHEA (The Daughter of Chaos trilogy), DARKEST WISH, DYLAP and is currently promoting Winters End.

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