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From the first posts on in August 2012 until the present, emphasis has been on defining Visionary Fiction and exploring the art and craft of writing it. In the beginning, we were not sure what content rightly belonged in the genre and what writers were actually or potentially producing genuine Visionary Fiction.

Six Years of Progress for the Genre and its Writers

In the six years since the site began operating, we have found our bearings in both of these areas. Our post library has several hundred items on the purpose, content, outstanding authors, and how-to of Visionary Fiction with considerable commentary from readers on each article. Our lead authors participated in writing the entry for Visionary Fiction on Wikipedia, and Google now offers hundreds of leads to the subject. We can confidently claim that the genre—once a confusing mix of tags like New Age, metaphysical, spiritual, and religious fiction—is now distinct in its characteristics while remaining flexible enough to accommodate future variations.

With over 260 member writers already registered, we still hear regularly from others who have “found” their genre through discovering and reading this site. To have a label for one’s writing is hardly paramount, but to discover a treasure trove of additional information about one’s writing preference and to connect to others skilled in a similar practice has obvious benefits. The VFA may not yet be a comprehensive writers’ guild, but it is well in advance of where we were six years ago.

But What about the Readers?

Another concern present from the beginning and crucial for those writing for a full or supplementary income has been on establishing and maintaining a reader base for Visionary Fiction. No sense in having a nifty genre and an exceptional group of authors with only a thin or … Continue reading

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