VFA Bookstore Access and Guidelines

The VFA Bookstore is a WordPress plugin added to the Visionary Fiction Alliance website to showcase both popular and member-created Visionary Fiction works. Author, cover image, description, and links to Amazon and other vendors for purchase, as well as other identifying data, are given for each title. Our bookstore provides authors both exposure and an additional sales outlet. To keep it simple, purchases are serviced by the original vendor, like Amazon, and thus must be previously published to be listed.

How to Reach the Bookstore from the Site

To reach the Bookstore, either click the VFA Bookstore tab; on the overhead menu

or with CLICK HERE in the VFA Bookstore block in the top right column of most pages:

How to Find Titles Quickly

On opening the Bookstore for the first time, take a good look around at the options offered to make selecting easier.

Click the drop-down for Alphabetically (by Title) in the top section on the upper left to arrange the order of books displayed to your taste.

Below that is an area to Search by (Title, Author, or Category).

In the top right section are various filters that control what books are displayed below. For example, to Filter by an Author, click the top right drop-down and a list of authors in the bookstore will show. Make your choice; the cover thumbnails for that author will come up. Click the thumbnail for the desired book; information on the book, including … Continue reading

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