Vampire’s Belongings: Invisible Being by Yaffa Sauda Lawson

When Senator Brad Flaws died, I took an oath when I walked into his position. If I can conquer a state like New Jersey, eventually I will be able to conquer the nation. The world will be my Oyster, I was prepared for my life the day I entered the earth as a handsome Afro American Senator. My supernatural powers are great, I can appear and disappear whenever I choose. The elite can’t stand in my way, I have to fight my enemies in a meek and humble manner. I do intend to become President of the United States and that’s when I will rule this globe.

I was prepared for my new life with the man I love; however, when I got thrown into a sudden Political career, it was more than I bargained. There is an Invisible stalker who haunts my life. He hates my political affiliation and my sassy black woman’s attitude. I must fight for the things that I hold dear to my heart….. even if that means sacrificing the one I love.

When Brandon and I became friends, I never expected my life to change for the better. Now that he’s with the love of his life, I must occupy my time acing Political Science. I hang out at the LGBT clubs. I want to find someone who will be my life long partner. Life can be a Bitch but I intend to strut it out for the long hall!

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Vampire's Belongings: Invisible Being by Yaffa Sauda Lawson

A Review

Yaffa Lawson’s novel, Vampire’s Belongings: Invisible Being is an intriguing and sensual story of a vampire’s pursuit to take over America and ultimately the world, a loyal and forceful black woman, and a bisexual young man with his feet firmly planted in two different worlds. Vampire’s Belongings web of intrigue whips up a set of Kervorkian plotlines that’s sometimes difficult to untangle made challenging by the use of first person throughout all three characters’ stories. Yet, somehow I feel this was a device used by Yaffa to pull you in.

As the first book in a series, Yaffa does an admirable job of introducing this world and the characters that live in it. I expect that book two will be just as good as this. I thoroughly recommend this book. 4/5

~ Aaron Yeagle

About Yaffa Sauda Lawson

Vampire's Belongings: Invisible Being by Yaffa Sauda Lawson Yaffa Lawson currently resides in Riverside County of California. She works in Special Education at a local school district in her community. She has written and published over 7 books, two of them non-fictions. She enjoys writing stories with psychological twist and turns. Vampire’s Belongings: Invisible Being is a fantasy fiction about a Political Figure seeking to change the world for the good of mankind.

Visit Yaffa Sauda Lawson’s website.

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