Ursula Van Rensin’s Haunting Colorado Springs by Lukem Bart

5 TALES OF TERROR: “Ursula Van Rensin’s Haunting Colorado Springs” Most of the stories are around 20 pages each. The tales include “Dawn Mourning and the Burnt One” a tale of love beyond the grave and;
“Otto and the Storm Riders” Oct. 29th is a date never forgotten by a cursed and tormented bartender.

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A Review

Ursula Van Rensin’s Haunting Colorado Springs is a fictional – horror book which is written by Luke M. Barjotay. The main highlight of the book is that it consists of a total of 5 short horror stories. The title of the stories are in the following order as presented in the book:

Dawn Mourning and the Burnt One
Otto and the Storm Riders
Last Band Standing
In the Old Crone’s Garden
The Crying Baby Killer
And all of these tales of terror takes place in Colorado Springs. The author has depicted the tales of terror in a very amusing and unique way. The book doesn’t consist of your stereotypical horror story. The shivers are felt when you thoroughly read through the characters and their background stories and understanding them.

Haunting Colorado Springs Book Cover
Haunting Colorado Springs Book Cover

Talking about the characters, the author has successfully depicted his characters to the readers. From describing the miserable and pitiful life of the main character had been living from, “Dawn Mourning and the Burnt One”. To keep readers hooked till the end, guessing who’s Otto in the story, “Otto and the Storm Riders”, the author did a terrific job of creating these characters. Each of them stood out to me in their own respective tales.

“Not only was she alone at home, at school she had no friends.” This line from the first story. It told much about the protagonist in a very simple manner. Diving deep into the story, you will find many more habits, mannerisms, and traits about the character, which keeps the reader interested in them.

The Diversity of Characters

The characters in each story are very diverse. Diverse, in age, gender, their personal or work life, their stories, which is the plus point of the book. They are being portrayed as just normal human beings you would find in your circle. What would have made the book creepier if somehow the main characters would share one or some other trait, rather than all of them happen to be or are in Colorado Springs? But overall, the characters in each story were unique, interesting, and charming to read and know about them.

My personal favorite character from the entire book has to be Elvira from “Otto and the Storm Riders”. Such an influential character she is. She is described as a daring, fearless, and beauty. And the line which she says to the protagonist of the story surely gave me enough chills of terror.


In each of the stories, the author first describes the main protagonist of that particular story. In the story, “Otto and the Storm Riders” the author describes a bar and it’s troubled bartender owner. It gave the readers a bit idea and lead to about where the story will head and they seem kind of interested in knowing more about it.

Whereas talking about “Last Band Standing” we are introduced to a rock band and it’s members. Well, I don’t recall where I have read rock band and horror in one sentence. I was quite excited to read the story. And guess what, it wasn’t a disappointment at all.

The terror that the author tries to showcase is quite unique and amusing in itself. What brings it special to the table is that the mystery behind the story. The mystery that eventually builds up that tension and anticipation to know what happens next in the story also leads to terror and anxiety.

The raw emotions of terror, sadness, loss, jealously, trauma were depicted in a very simple manner in the stories. Yet the readers could feel them up. Each of the protagonists of the story depicted out certain emotions which are a great sign of an author.

What I would have liked more about this book is, a sort of connection in the end, which eventually would be terrifying. Additionally, I hoped that the first chapter could have more elements of mystery, horror in the storyline just like the rest of the story.

My Favorite

Among all the five stories, my personal favorite would be “Otto and the Storm Riders”. And the last story to my liking would be “Dawn Mourning and the Burnt One”. The story took a slow start at the end and then the middle portion. It really feels good where the author shows that the protagonist meets someone special in her life. But the story could have ended on a better note.

Haunting Colorado Springs Author, Luke M. Bartojay
Why You Should Read it?

If you crave to read new ways of storytelling and loves reading the stories from the horror – mystery genre, I’ll definitely recommend reading this one. The writing style is quite different as compared to most of the books and novels in the horror genre. The storyline leaves the reader asking and wanting to know what happened after a story ends. And if you love reading short stories just like me, I highly recommend to anyone looking for something to read.

It definitely stands out as a fictional – horror book. With the characters and the way of storytelling is quite an old school style – yet refreshing at the same time. And there are a total of five different stories, which will surely give you spine – chilling nightmares. For a fact that each story takes up around 20 pages each, so it’s a good book to read for a change of mood. In fact, if you are in a mood for reading out some short stories and have time to read something that will blow up your mind, this book is a must-read.


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