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Book Review Universe receives approximately 72,000 unique visitors each month. Promoting your book on our site can help you reach many new readers. Don’t be afraid to ask about special email grabbing popups, FREE chapter offers, or any other promotion you’d like to try!

If you would like to increase the exposure you receive on this website, I offer not 4 but 5 different upgrades for you to choose from:

Custom Review by BRUniverse Staff

Book Trailer


This promotion is connected to our BRUniverse Rewards program.

Each time a participant earn a point, aka supply crate” they are sent an emaiil confirming this award. 100’s of these emails are sent every day! Get more exposure for you book or company with this fantastic opportunity. The banner will link to your BRUniverse page, the BRUniverse Rewards page (if you are a participant) or link to a sales page.

This promotional space is in high demand and lasts only one week.


We’ve brought a new “team member” to the “Bruniverse,” Bru Bot. Bru Bot is an interactive AI that helps people select specific titles to learn about and read, directs visitors to the correct places on the website and will help our site continue to grow.

During the recommendations phase of a conversation, you can have your title included in Bru’s conversation and, importantly, offer a sample chapter of your book to the visitor in exchange for their email.


This promotional opportunity places your book in a popup on EVERY page of your selected genre.

This popup offers visitors the opportunity to read a sample chapter of your book. at the end of the promotion, you will receive a spreadsheet of every visitor’s email who signed up to get your sample chapter. This promotion is perfect to generate interest prior to release or to promote the first book in a series.

Promotion lasts 6 months. Only one book per genre is permitted.


Get your best-seller in front of everyone’s eyes with the all-in-one promotion package! You get positioning in the top banner, the slider, the featured spot, on the Featured Reviews page AND inclusion in the Bot Boost program for one low price! This ad space is shared with up to four additional books.


This advertisement put your book review on our “Featured Reviews” page and the Featured spot for 1 to 3 months. This ad space is shared with up to four additional books.


Promote your book with a massive slider-banner visible throughout the site for either 1, 2 or 3 months! This advertisement space is shared with up to 4 other books.


This is the advertisement in the upper right-hand corner of the website. This advert is design / created by us 560×96. You may choose to have your book advertisement for 1, 2, or 3 months. This ad space is shared with up to four additional books.