Under the Stone Paw by Theresa Crater

A forgotten family legacy.

Six crystal keys.

One shot at unlocking the secrets beneath the Sphinx.

Anne Le Clair, a successful, young attorney, has always managed to remain free from her family’s gothic past—until now. When she inherits her eccentric aunt’s antique necklace though, she finds no escape from its secrets. Anne is immersed in a crash course of forbidden wisdom, secret societies, and her family’s own legacy. She soon discovers that her aunt’s necklace is one of just six powerful “keys” that, when combined with the other five at the appointed time, unlocks the legendary Hall of Records. However, another group, the shadowy Illuminati, is working behind the scenes to uncover the same powerful secrets—and make them their own.

Katherine Kurtz, the author of the Adept series, says “ . . . one of the best esoteric novels of the past decade. Crater knows her way around Egypt and its mysteries. Evil Illuminati, ancient artifacts, and conspiracies abound. Surpasses The Da Vinci Code.”

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Return of the Grail King by Theresa Crater

A Review
“The weaving of reality, myths, legends, religion, imagination and a speck of sci=fi is done seamlessly. I found most of it very plausible and was sort of wishing that the light was coming as I think the human race has been in the dark for far too long. The characters are very likable and it was easy to imagine them as friends. In some aspects, this was a continuation of the movie/book “The DaVinci Code”. I really liked this and recommend it.”

~ Chirs A.

About Theresa Crater
Best-selling author Theresa Crater brings ancient temples, lost civilizations, and secret societies back to life in her visionary fiction. Travel the world in her Power Places series with Anne and Michael as they uncover arcane secrets and combat sinister occult forces. The Star Family explores a Protestant sect that taught gender equality and sacred sexuality in the 1740s. It won Best Fiction in the Indie Spirit Book Awards. Her two historical novels explore gender, race, and LGBTQ experiences in the Eastern guru invasion of the 1980s and the 1950s South. Theresa loves to travel, and her adventures in Egypt, Cambodia, Peru, England, and Scotland show up in her writing. She teaches creative writing and British literature.

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