UbiquiCity 2: Undercurrents by Various Authors

Beneath the smartglass towers, hovering drones and digital advertisements of the corporate elite, life on the streets of Union City follows its own cyber-organic rhythms.

• A squattertown gangster, left digitally dead by a corporate war, learns new ways to survive in the underground

• A muni detective investigates a mysterious robbery performed by a well-prepared group of augmented attackers

• A submissive cyber-doll entertains wealthy clients while gathering information to serve her mysterious benefactors

• A psycog returns from retirement to track down a data thief who’s seemingly disappeared into a virtual world

Stories by Irene Bassett, Brad Cole, D.M. Dore, Jens Durke, S.L. Koch, G. Dean Manuel, Adrian McCauley and Rick Rosenkranz paint a collaborative picture of our augmented future that is alternately chilling and inspiring.

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UbiquiCity 2: Undercurrents by Various Authors

A Review

The collective world of UbiquiCity is deadly, beautiful, mysterious, and absolutely awe-inspiring. In my youth I was a voracious reader of all things science fiction, chomping down classics by Heinlein, Asimov, Varley, and all the others. And, just like these great authors, the authors of the UbiquiCity series have created a deep, well-defined world of visionary depth and breadth an emotionally charged characters.

With this edition, UbiquiCity 2: Undercurrents, it is far harder for me to pick out clear champions; so I have to confess that I won’t. However, some of the stories that grabbed me are: “Dork Knights of Harohbakh” by S.L. Koch because I was a D&D kid, “I, Witness” by Irene Bassett because I loved her snappy dialog and great characters, and Brad Cole’s “Ghost Story.” But don’t stop there … this book is a must-have.

~ Aaron C. Yeagle

About UbiquiCity

UbiquiCity 2: Undercurrents by Various Authors In the “UbiquiCity” series, a team of authors collaborates to build a “Smart City” of 100 years in the future, projecting modern trends such as ubiquitous computing, AI, augmented reality, biotech, anti-aging and green technologies – alongside corporate governance and social upheaval.

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