Two Tales of Visionary Fiction

By Ellis Nelson

Rea Nolan Martin is an award-winning author of visionary fiction novels. She has also written numerous short stories and poetry published in national literary magazines and anthologies. Her inspirational blogs have been published in HUFFPOST and SIVANA EAST. It is my pleasure to introduce you to two of Ms. Martin’s novels.

Rea Nolan MartinRea Nolan Martin

One of the things I love most about this author’s works is that they are fully grounded in our everyday reality. In the first book I’ll talk about, the protagonist is an average housewife living a typically modern-day American life until it all starts to change. In the second book, we encounter four women facing illness and the turmoil and hard questions posed whenever we face crisis. Both are simple premises for a deep dive into the evolution of consciousness-the world of visionary fiction.

The Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright

Vera Wright by Rea Nolan Martin

What if your neighbor was a saint? This was the question Rea Nolan Martin asked herself in creating this masterpiece of visionary fiction. Her main character, Vera Wright, qualifies for the senior discount but is still working as a beautician. She has a grown daughter and a teddy bear of a husband, living a normal life. Then one day, her parish priest asks the congregation to invite God into their lives. Vera does and that’s when everything … Continue reading

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