Tips and Tricks for Book Promotion, Part 2

Promoting your book is a form of marketing called “content marketing.” In other words, you really aren’t selling a product, you are selling a feeling, an experience, you are creating content, not potato chips nor adult diapers.

The key here is to think … “Where else can I put my content?”

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you promote your book(s) and build your brand.

MORE is often Better.

Facebook is a fantastic marketing tool.  You probably already have a personal page.  As an author, usually your personal page IS your promotion page for your writing.  I urge you to stop.

Create a “Public Figure” page for you as an author.  Keep this page active with your professional posts, articles, and related groups. If you have a series, create an open group for the series and keep this group active and solely about your series. Discuss characters, motivations, civilization, inspirations … and always, always ask questions of your audience … get them involved.

TIP: Keep your personal social profiles separate from your professional profiles.

Go ahead. Tease me!

Don’t be ashamed to be called a “big tease.” One of the greatest marketing efforts I have encountered was WAY back in 1987.  In all the trendy areas of Los Angeles … Sunset Strip, Melrose Avenue, LaBrea, Santa Monica’s Promenade … stencils of stylized bats began appearing on the sidewalks, sides of building, mailboxes, etc. This went on for more than a year. Then the Batman logo with only a date appeared and suddenly it all connected.

As writing your book didn’t occur in a single afternoon neither should your marketing efforts.  Your marketing and promotions should begin soon after you start writing. … Continue reading

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