Tips and Tricks for Book Promotion, Part 1

If writing and publishing our books is one of the most exciting things we do; then getting them sold is frequently the most challenging. We’ve spent months toiling over words, plot, and character; fixing pacing problems and plot conundrums.  Then we have a great cover designed and a gorgeous interior layout. We get our books into Amazon et al. and then the real work begins.  Selling!

The trick is to remember that “selling” begins the first day you put pen to paper. Maybe even before!

In this article, I’ll provide a few book promotion tips and tricks that should help the “post-publication blues.”

Let’s talk about your “author platform.”

That term has been bandied about for years but is best summarized as your virtual presence online. I say “virtual presence,” as your author platform means more than your website but your entire presence on the internet … website, Facebook, Instagram, and even your author central page on Amazon!

However, it’s not just where you are but who you are and who you reach (your audience). In corporate parlance … your BRAND.

TIP: It’s best to pick one or two MAIN avenues of exposure and conquer those; THEN expand into other avenues.

Being a “web guy” I often focus on the website portion of an author platform first.

Your website is your headquarters for all of your book promotion work.  Your website helps you connect to your audience at a deeper level (because you are not limited in space nor scope), increases interaction, increases your profitability, and provides the greatest flexibility to explain, … Continue reading

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