Timothy Williams Demon Hunter by iestyn long

Timothy Williams is a teenage geek from 9b. He has problematic hair, a distinct lack of coolness, an obsession for warfare and is always picked last for PE. So, when he’s chosen by the Archangels to represent the forces of good against evil, he is naturally surprised and equally perturbed at the prospect. On the upside, he receives an ancient and powerful holy artifact to help protect him, but on the downside, it does little to improve his hair!

When Timothy’s school becomes the subject of a demon takeover, he and his two friends, Rupert and George, must unmask their foe. Timothy is forced into a battle for survival, not only in the real world but in his very dreams where he must fight his nemesis to prevent Hell on Earth.

And when revelations about Timothy’s ancestry come to light, he must accept his past to save his future. Timothy Williams must survive to fight the Last Battle on the eve of the new century, and he must win to save our souls…

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Timothy Williams Demon Hunter by iestyn long

A Review
“An amalgamation of everything that is universally loved by young adult fantasy readers Timothy Williams Demon Hunter reminds us why the genre remains so popular. A full-on teenage adventure, Long spins his debut yarn in truly engaging prose, his plot both original, humorous and highly imaginative with plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way. At its core, it’s the age-old story of good against evil as Timothy, Rupert and George find themselves pitted against Lucifer’s champion Ursula Le Rouge who has been given a powerful bloodstone ring and Timothy must battle her in his dreams as he takes on different personas. From the Wild West and the 7th Cavalry to The Argonauts and an epic tank battle the action comes thick and fast with angels watching over him whilst an ancient pendant that once belonged to Lucifer gives him powers beyond his wildest imagination. With his characters well observed and notably more endearing for their flaws Long brings them to life with adroit dialogue and well-crafted personas, each one growing and changing as events unfold.

Altogether Timothy Williams Demon Hunter makes for a rip-roaring read and a strong debut in what promises to be an exciting new series. A must read with broader appeal than it’s genre it is highly recommended.”

~ Book Viral

About iestyn long
Iestyn Long lives with his family in the historic village of Lavenham, in the English countryside. He is reasonably tall and narrow, has a shortage of hair and although English he has a Welsh name that is a constant confusion to one and all. While listening to the tunes of Sir Cliff, Iestyn enjoys observing ants, stroking sparrows, drinking copious amounts of tea and breathing – all of which he likes to practice on a regular basis. His influences include; Monty Python, Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Bernard Cornwall, David Gemmell, J.R.R.Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Queen Elizabeth the Second, King Arthur and, of course, Sir Cliff Richard. Timothy Williams Demon Hunter is Iestyn’s first novel, much of which was written while on the downstairs toilet before work in the mornings, and although at present Iestyn has fewer reviews than a set of Laura Ashley teatowels, he will endeavour to rule the world by 2025. The toilet seat is warm – the second book in the Timothy Williams saga is underway!

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