Time for Change by Jackie Woodside

Many people are left confused and overwhelmed when facing the two inevitabilities in life: Dealing with unexpected change they do not want or plan for and creating change that they want and yet cannot generate. Time for Change helps you understand and master the dynamics of the human change process. This book provides tools, insights and practical strategies to deal with changes that have come your way unexpectedly (loss of a spouse, job or other relationship; change in financial status or unexpected illness or injury for example) or strengthen your ability to succeed in the life changes you desire (change careers, get out of an unhealthy relationship or relocate to a new area).

In this book you will learn:

  • To Identify Your Change Temperament and Why This Matters
  • The Ten Elements of Mastering Change
  • The Five Promises of Mastering Change
  • The Six Keys for Creating Sustained Change
  • And the Most Important Change of All!

This is an easy, accessible and highly practical primer on mastering the human change process. A “must read” for those who are facing the inevitable of life: Change!

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A Review:

Calming the Chaos – to tune the inner energy and make it work for you.
Now that the one word description of the book has been put forth, (though it comes nowhere near the content of the book itself) this sounds too clichéd. But the book is nothing but clichéd. It doesn’t offer the meditation mantras that are supposed to work miracles. It tells us that change happens from the inside and slowly. There are no finite methods for proven success, but slowly, each person could realise that while time is a finite resource, their energy is infinite and they could work towards using that resource to their maximum benefit.

~ Dhivya Balaji / Readers Muse



“The light bulbs go on when people recognize the self-imposed limitations that they’ve been living with. I help them remove these false beliefs and step into a truly inspired life. My clients transform right before my eyes – life gets easier and more fun, they make more money, and they find more happiness.” ~Jackie Woodside

Originally trained as a psychotherapist, Jackie Woodside, Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (EL-MP), has been doing professional speaking, training, and coaching since 1995. Her extensive understanding of human development combined with her extensive knowledge of the latest neuroscience research makes her work unique, deep, and broad in its scope. She works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and inspired individuals from all over the country to help them transform their business and their lives into their own unique and exact vision.

Jackie has trained with and is certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). She also has a Masters Degree in clinical social work from Boston College.

Jackie recently was a contributor to a book called “Conscious Entrepreneurs,” an anthology of spiritually minded business people committed to bringing spiritual values and principles into the arena of business.

For six years, Jackie has served on the board of trustees , with four years as president, at Unity on the River, a spiritual community in Amesbury, MA, where she teaches numerous classes and workshops and is a frequent guest speaker.

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