This Is All He Asks Of You by Anne Egseth

Spanning Norway, Washington DC and Greece, This Is All He Asks of You is a visionary story about letters never sent, life once flowing and now frozen, swim-flying in golden light and the beauty of human connection. Above all, it is a story about how sad it would be if everything became like everything else.

‘This lovely book is delightful, funny, and at the same time genuinely profound. Wisdom runs through the narrative like a vein of gold through quartz, evoking an inner sense and capacity which is both real and desperately needed in our troubled, heedless times. An authentic voice, a story which lingers in the mind like a fragrance.’

Lucy Oliver, author of ‘The Meditator’s Guidebook’.

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This Is All He Asks Of You by Anne Egseth

A Review

” Amazing writing!!!
I haven’t read a book this good in such a long time!
I am so impressed!
This book gave me all the ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ kind of feels. And wow, the narration is so amazing! It’s a little bit darker and more adult in comparison but the ease of narration and the depth are just incomparable.
This is one of those books you will not ask much about the plot or the storyline. This is one of those rare books where the book just takes you to someplace which will cocoon you to feel something nice and warm even though your heart is breaking inside of you.
Let not the book cover deceive you. The content is just rare art.
As I have said before, this is the kind of book which I will not tell you what the story is about. The description does well as long as the book goes. But it’s the narration that will just take you deeper and deeper until there’s no going back. It’s like seeping your favourite cup of tea. Sometimes it just scalds you, because of the burn. Sometimes it just understands you because you know the taste. The character feels so real that you will feel like she is right next to you telling you her story.
I just love this book. It seems like it’s a biography almost!
You have to read this one to feel it.
It feels so real and genuine.”

~ Tam T, Reviewer

About Anne Egseth

This Is All He Asks Of You by Anne Egseth Growing up in Norway, Anne Egseth moved to London to become a classically trained actress. After performing for two decades in theaters in the UK and Scandinavia, she relocated to Washington DC where she started writing, teaching and coaching. She now lives in San Diego, California, with her husband and daughter. This Is All He Asks of You is her debut novel.

Visit Anne Egseth’s website.

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