A mystical family legacy. A powerful king destined to return. One legendary couple must correct the past to restore the future…

Anne Le Claire won’t let being the descendant of a family of ancient mystics stop her from being a good mom. When her husband Michael is called away to explore an Egyptian cave-in near the due date, she hopes she can hold off on the delivery a few days longer. Little does Anne know that destiny has a plan for her baby, but a powerful enemy wants to delay the epic reincarnation… indefinitely.

Michael Levy hopes he can explore the Giza plateau site quickly and return to the opulent Le Clair family mansion post haste. With time running out before his child is born, a statue of the god Anubis comes to life and takes the Egyptologist on a detour through legendary Arthurian history. When he learns that he and Anne were responsible for a grand betrayal in another lifetime, the only way to right the wrongs of the past is to travel through time…

As an unspeakable evil puts the family fortune and their unborn child in grave danger, the help of Anne’s magical grandmother may not be enough to save the day. But will enlisting a modern-day Merlin counter a devious plot against Anne and Michael that’s been centuries in the making?

Return of the Grail King is the third book in the Power Places series of visionary and urban fantasy novels. If you like action-packed plots, ancient mythology, and the legend of King Arthur, then you’ll love Theresa Crater’s mind-twisting series.

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