The Yellow Castle by G. C. Heath

The Yellow Castle is a story about two brothers who embark on a far journey to find the real Father Christmas.

It is a fantasy book for the young and old alike.

A horror story for those who like to frighten themselves.

An adult book of secrets, for those that seek the real from the unreal.

A book of inspirational values for the new millennium. Told through fantasy, but, underlined in truth.

A glimmer of hope for those that dismay of everything.

The meaning of life is contained within, for those that are ready.

The Yellow Castle is a book for all ages, races and creeds. A book that will be read by everyone who will glean from it that which is right for them.

There is only one book called…

The Yellow Castle.

The truth lies within.
Time is short.
The Reset is imminent.
Your true home is calling you.
It’s time to wake up.
You decide.
The Yellow Castle is here.

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The Yellow Castle by G. C. Heath

A Review
“I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought the story was very original and extremely interesting. I especially loved the ending and have since read the book through a few more times. It’s one of those books that you can read more than once and not get bored with it.

You may think initially that because the storyline is about two young people on a quest to find the real Santa Claus that this book is for children, but I can assure you that this book is very much an adult book ( although children could get a good story out of it).

I now find myself recommending this book to everyone I bump into. I think that once word spreads on this novel it will become a must-have read, just like the person who originally told me about it said it would, I can’t agree more with him. I think it will end up in the hands of everyone who enjoyed books such as “The Celestine Prophecy” and the like.

As the first novel from an unknown writer, it’s brilliant and truly original in its concept, especially with the poems (inscriptions) which add a distinct flavor. It appears that it is the first book in a trilogy and I for one can’t wait for the other installments. You need to read it yourself and make your own mind up but I loved it Enjoy.”

~ Mukesh

About G. C. Heath
I have researched the world we live in for over 54 years now. I was 13 when I commenced researching properly, as this was when I became old enough to get on a bus or train and go into the West End of London with a friend or on my own (1966). I use to go to 2 book shops and began my journey for Enlightenment. I knew things were not right with the world as young as 6 years of age.

It’s all in the Etymology, and/or the Numerology.

I have a vast collection of books, ebooks, videos & audio of research material plus my own experiences over many years via meditation and outer (inner) body experiences and too much more to mention here.

I have had many experiences from a very young age.

I’ve been involved in the music business since 1969 and am still involved now. I write books and publish my own and other authors books too via Amazon Kindle. I create marketing videos for my own projects and for individuals and companies. I love creativity and creative people. I’m an ITEC qualified Physical Therapist, Reflexologist & Hypnotherapist. I teach Meditation and The Laws Of The Universe.

With Gratitude & Grace.

Visit G. C. Heath’s website.

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