The Vagabond King by James Campion Conway

“There were times I had to put the book down and simply reflect on how talented this author is.”
– Brian Braden

Who are you? No. Who are you really? Do you know? Do any of us really know? These were the questions sixteen-year-old Chris was asking after his mother dies and he discovers the man he believed to be his father is not.

Haunted by a mysterious apparition that forces him to question his pampered existence, he embarks upon a quest to find himself. But, seeking sanctuary in the home of Magda, a middle-aged waitress with a penchant for sex, he discovers she lives with her father, a cigarette smoking, beer swilling immigrant. Chris hates his shabby new surroundings at the end of the street and the shabby old man at the end of his life who spends his days listening to old blues records and making Chris fetch him fresh cans of beer.

If you’re a fan of The Hero’s Quest, Joseph Campbell or The Hero with a Thousand Faces, this book will appeal to you. Written in a lyrical style that mimics the old man’s blues records, if Joseph Campbell and Muddy Waters wrote a novel The Vagabond King is what you’d get.

Over the course of the story the old man tells tales of Communist Hungary, torture, escape and the mysterious medallion he wears, until Chris learns that, like the old man’s skipping records, history repeats itself and the roles we play have been played many times before.

This book blends ancient mythology and modern cosmology in a lyrically told tale that mimics the old man’s blues records and will leave you thinking long after the last page is turned.

“…if the world and literature survive into the next age, The Vagabond King will probably be a classic.” TM Romero,

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The Vagabond King by James Campion Conway

A Review
“This book definitely ranks near the top of coming-of-age novels I have read. …Vagabond King: A Coming of Age Story asks the questions that all of us asked at one time or another; what is the meaning of life? Who or what controls our fates and destinies? What is the right direction for me to take? …A smooth and seamless read that just flowed by, …This is a powerful story, beautifully told and well worth the highest rating I can give it.”

~ Grant Leishman – Readers Favorite

“The Vagabond King … is a captivating story, beautifully told, filled with metaphors enough to taunt any imagination, and sadly enchanting…it’s real-life, it’s got tangible pain and one often feels the emotional solitude that haunts and permeates Chris’ life, leaving him floating in a sea of confusion, like a ship drifting at sea…So many ponderable questions are posed, some are answered, others are left prodding at one like small pins in one’s mind….An excellent read.”

~ Real Laplaine -Amazon

About James Campion Conway
Jame Campion Conway is the author of the literary coming of age novel called The Vagabond King.

He’s currently working on a second novel called The House of Mirrors which is set with the background of 9/11 and the years that follow until the housing crash of 2008 and follows the abduction of an adolescent girl and her apprenticeship of to an untrustworthy conman.

The book is intended to portray how reality is not a solid thing but very flexible and that nothing we see is as it appears to be.

Visit James Campion Conway’s website.

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