The State by Sean K Vlk

Embrace! Respect! Submit! The State is the last, and only symbol of control in the not-so-distant future. Fear is the only existence most know. Servitude is the brand upon all. The Resistance is the last, and only semblance of hope; of freedom. Journey with the struggles of the protagonist, Agent 216, as he makes the tumultuous transition from top Agent of the State to the eventual leader of the Resistance. It is a journey hard-fought, wrought with love and hate, death and life, violence and compassion, loss and gain. Yet, with determination and purpose he, as all within the Resistance, continues to fight for the one thing essential to existence—freedom. Will the Resistance prevail? Or will the State?

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The State by Sean K Vlk

A Review

“Get ready for a rollercoaster ride!
This book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I’ve already finished and started again! This author is hands down one of the best writers I’ve ever come across. The State will keep you entertained and wanting more with every page you read!”

~ Ms. Pontoon

About Sean K Vlk

The State by Sean K Vlk Sean Vlk was born in Tampa, FL on July 5, 1988 to parents, Mark Vlk and Valerie Besley. At age 3, his parents divorced, and he went to live primarily with his father in Lincoln, CA. His father, through no fault of his own, was working the majority of the time for the US Coast Guard; a 20 year veteran, leaving Sean alone to his own devices. Throughout his childhood he enjoyed many pleasures: cinema; music; reading; and most importantly–discovering his passion for writing. He began writing small poems, short stories, and novella for his friends and acquaintances in school, finding that most found his work to be amazing, creative and detailed.

​Today, he resides in the scenic countryside of Odessa, WA, with his partner, Tasha, and his three children: Jude; Kyla; and Riley. He released his first novel, The State, through self-publishing on August 24, 2019.

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