The Sapphire Eruption by Immanuel Redwright

Once a year, the skies burn red. Upon this day, the Fire Kingdom’s priests perform their ritual: each newborn’s palm is lacerated, opened with a sacred sword, for Firia’s next ruler will be seen to shed no blood.

Alas, this can prove a perilous process. When young Nokhail demonstrates his destiny, a wicked imposter attempts to slay the boy. Soldier Lumio intervenes, escaping with defenseless Noakhail—set for distant Aquadom to hide . . . and gather strength.

Seventeen years later, Lumio illuminates Noakhail’s true identity, presenting Distra, his rightful sword. Training side by side, the pair devise a plan to reclaim the throne . . . but this will mean ousting a crooked king, whose warriors are everywhere. Should Noakhail hope to triumph, he’ll be forced to look inside himself and tame explosive power on the expedition homeward bound. His path will cut through all four kingdoms—each replete with danger but, in turn, a chance to grow.

Meanwhile, in Aquadom’s royal palace, the water sword has chosen its heir, but envy stands to jeopardize an age of fragile peace.

Indeed, a war awaits …/p>

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The Sapphire Eruption by Immanuel Redwright

A Review

It’s been awhile since I read a pure, sink-into-the-world fantasy, and this one was a treat.

Noakhail has grown-up alone with, what he thought, was his father. Every day, he’s been trained to become a mighty warrior…for as long as he can remember. When his father presents him with a magical fire sword and discloses that Noakhail is actually the chosen king of the fire nation, Noakhail soon finds himself on a dangerous and adventure-rich path to save more than just his kingdom. At the same time, the twin sword, a water sword, needs to chose the future queen, and everyone in the kingdom believes it will be the current princess in Aquadom, but the choice has yet to be made. With the growing threat of Noakhail’s presence, things are even more unsure.

This tale pulls in from the first page and drives forward the entire way through. While the first pages grab the reader in and make the danger of the situation immediately clear, the world-building and character depth isn’t far behind. Noakhail’s personality holds all that a great hero needs, and his uncertainty makes him instantly likable. His relationship and the occurrences with his so-called father seal the deal before the adventure and action really kicks in.

Secrets and dangerous intrigue keep the tension high as both Noakhail and the princess try their best to do what they see as being right. It’s a nicely done weave, which keeps the reader bound to the pages. Add this to the more direct writing style, and it makes for a read which is easy to pick up and settle in with. It will be exciting to see where the adventures go next.

~ Tonja Drecker

About Immanuel Redwright

I.M. Redwright didn’t know he wanted to be a fantasy author, instead, he had a story in mind and had the urge to write about it. He could have made things easy but that wouldn’t be fun, so his first novel had to be the first volume of a series, which by the way he expects you will enjoy.

As a fantasy book fan, having his own fantasy series is just fascinating. However, when he wakes up every day he still thinks it was all a dream.

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