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Since The Paperback Writer of Central Park, I have self published two more novels in The Hidden World of Wysteria Series, with more to come. They are Into Wysteria, and Beneath Rain and Stars. When I first wrote The Paperback Writer on my old Thinkpad computer, I did not imagine it would be the first in a fantasy series. At least not initially.

Beneath Rain and Stars was released in late 2018 and while the old characters are present in the book, two vital people are introduced. Aleka is a troubled woman who has a good heart but cannot seem to move past her problems. She lives in the fictional Connecticut town of Whispering Trees Village which has been recently shaken by a hurricane. Amongst many others who have lost everything they had and everyone they loved, she lives in a homeless shelter. Her only friend during this time is the shelter counselor, Bernie.

Haunted with loneliness and by the loss of her father, she spends her days wandering around the graveyard and marina of her town. Armed with her sketchbook, she creates an imaginary friend to spend time with. After all, she has nothing.

Edgar is alarming. Alarmingly lovely in an understanding and kind way. Alarmingly real and personable.

The two fall in love with each other and the depressing beauty of the leafless trees, the towering historical buildings and the quiet emptiness. Both have a very gentle, gothic, and poetic way about them, well aligned with my writing style which has been described as laid back.

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