The Priest of Orpagus by P.C. Darkcliff

Braze Wilson and Mehpare Eroglu prevent a man from committing suicide. But they should have let him die.

Their deed throws them into the sphere of Ashezma Daeva, the demon of wrath and lust, who traps them in his temple whenever they sleep. Days bring them closer as they teach English in Southern Turkey, but nights bring dreams that will tear them apart.

Their dreams are the only thing Braze and Mehpare have in common: he’s an atheistic American while she’s a pious Turk. Their attraction trumps borders and gods—but it’s no match for the demon, whose tentacles drag them toward murder and depravity.

Only a brave and desperate act can win the battle for their souls. Braze and Mehpare risk everything to destroy the demon and his immortal priest. But some creatures must perish twice…

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The Priest of Orpagus by P.C. Darkcliff

A Review

I just finished reading The Priest of Orpagus by P.C. Darkcliff and just like his other book Deception of the Damned, The Priest of Orpagus is a captivating and uniquely original novel. P.C. Has the enviable ability to hook a reader from the very beginning of his novels and deliver tales that are exciting and at times frightening. In The Priest of Orpagus he weaves a tale that is a combination of fantasy, horror and modern mythology. The evil character Ashemza, a demon that ensnares its victims by invading their sleep, is unlike any other I’ve read. The main characters, Braze and Mehpare, as well as the secondary characters in this story, are well drawn and elicit sympathy and sustained tension. I won’t give away who or what The priest of Orpagus is, but be prepared to find yourself thinking about him/it even after you’ve set the book aside. This novel, like Deception of the Damned, is rich in details and descriptions of locales that span different parts of the globe as well as the otherworldly. I highly recommend this book.(and while you’re at it also consider Deception of the Damned).

About P.C. Darkcliff

The Priest of Orpagus by P.C. Darkcliff I have been writing fiction ever since I learned my letters, and my first attempt was a short story about a talking dog. After a brief flirtation with sci-fi and adventure, I discovered the world of fantasy and supernatural fiction—and there was no turning back.

Apart from several short stories, I’ve written two novels and a series. Deception of the Damned and The Priest of Orpagus are available on Amazon. In 2020, I’m going to release Celts and the Mad Goddess, the first installment of The Deathless Chronicle.

I have lived in six countries and on three different continents. Although ruinous to my bank account, the seminomadic lifestyle has been hugely inspirational, and many of my adventures have spilled into my stories. My wife and I have settled in southwestern Spain, where I go swimming and cycling whenever I’m not too busy writing.

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