The Pastor’s Daughter by T. K. Ware

Ebony had a secret….

An ill-advised relationship with a married man in the church sent Ebony down a path of regret, which led to an unplanned pregnancy. When the pressure of being the pastor’s daughter and carrying a married man’s child weighs upon her, emotions flare. Shortly afterwards, she threatens to publicize the entire affair, deciding to bear the consequences of the matter.

After an untimely event, and unprecedented conviction, Ebony is forced to confess as she battles with thoughts of betrayal to God, the church, and herself.

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The Pastor's Daughter by T. K. Ware

A Review

The Pastor’s Daughter is a testimony of what goes on in our churches today. Often times, we try to hide behind the suit and ties, the big hats and scarves, the music and so on. There’s so much that goes on in church but we’re too ashamed to call it out.


About T. K. Ware

The Pastor's Daughter by T. K. Ware T.K. Ware’s style of writing brings a fresh perspective of faith-based books, in which he calls, Suspense with Soul. His inspired writings weave together reality with the supernatural, in hope to plant a seed of the gospel. Often known for his memorable fictional characters and series, including Charles “ESQUIRE” Everson, The Pastor’s Daughter, Ebony’s Confessions, If I Could: A Son’s Plea, and the Up Close & Personal Series. Outside of fictional writing, he employs inspiration and motivation through his devotionals

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