The numbers behind a six-figure creative business

The Numbers Behind a Six-Figure Creative Business

I work a lot with authors and musicians, and every one of them I’ve come across falls into one of two categories.

The first group just wants to focus on their art. Writing books and making music is their joy and passion, and they don’t have any room in their lives or in their heads for anything else.

These are great people. Often, they produce great art.

But they almost never achieve anything remotely close to a career level income.

This is because books and music are two of the most competitive markets on the planet today.

If you don’t take a professional and disciplined approach to growing a customer base (notice I didn’t say FAN BASE. Fans are great. But CUSTOMERS pay the bills!), there’s nobody on the planet who will do this for you.

Which brings us to the second group of artists.

They’re just as passionate about connecting with customers as they are about creating their art.

Every successful creative professional I know takes this approach to their career.

Ironically, this is often a much easier path to follow than just paying lip service to the business end and laboring on in noble anonymity. πŸ™‚

This brief case study breaks down the numbers:

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