The Naked Knitting Club: Casting On by Janet Groom

“Fabulous story!”
“A fun, thoughtful and care-filled easy read with characters you can connect to, laugh with, and really, really turn against!”
“Honestly, I had to force myself to put it down.”

Cate’s life is mundane until everything changes when she makes a New Year’s resolution – one that she is determined to stick to. In doing so, she brings about the shifts she has longs for, no more diets, no more living on auto-pilot, it is time to accept herself for who she truly is.

An accidental comment plants an idea that takes root, and Cate soon finds herself joining ‘The Naked Knitting Club’, which is run by the eccentric Luna. Taking the monumental step to get naked with a group of strangers sets a journey of self-discovery and transformation into motion. Cate learns that a bunch of strangers can become real friends when you are brave enough to take a leap of faith. After all, true friendships are what you need when facing the ups and downs of life.

Cate’s life will never be the same again.

Think ‘Bridget Jones’ meets ‘Calendar Girls’ – a rollercoaster read, filled with laughter, tears, fun, friendships, and romance.

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The Naked Knitting Club: Casting On by Janet Groom


A Review
“Janet Groom is amazingly gifted in creating a very lively atmosphere for her characters. As a reader, you feel as if you would sitting in the middle of this Knitting Club, and you could touch the other club members. The transformation of the protagonist Cate is described in multilayers. At first sight, you can read it on the surface, but if you start thinking about her, you discover a very interesting and deeper change in her perception. Once you have finished the story, you wish you could immediately read the continuation. “

~ Esther Buerki

About Janet Groom
The Naked Knitting Club: Casting On by Janet Groom Janet Groom is a writer, whose own life reads like an adventure story. She grew up in Northern Ireland in the midst of ‘The Troubles’ and it was her love of books and stories that proved to be her lifeline. She is a bit of a nomad, having lived in six countries. She is married, and now splits her time between her mountain home in the Swiss Alps and the UK.

As well as writing her own books, Janet is also a book coach helping other people to write their own stories to share as books into the world to inspire, motivate and uplift.

Writing brings her joy and when she is not writing, she is walking, baking, reading and making up stories in her head.

Visit Janet Groom’s website.

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