The LeatherWing Chronicles by James Brock

While Carter Ellis life had a bad start (orphaned not once but twice!), it took off like a rocket when he became the charge of his very out beloved Uncle, and house manager/vegetable enforcer Marta.

And what a house! Lavender Hill, an estate set in the rolling hills of northeast Connecticut with a guest house, tennis court, huge pool and neighbors who are mysteriously never seen during the daylight hours.

This would not be a problem if young Carter had not developed a strong attraction to one of them.

When Carter learns that Ash and his model hot young ward, Ty, are fighting an evil Vampiress and her honey-sweet southern “Renfrew” determined to help her employer take over the world one bite at a time he naturally joins forces with the neighbors to defend society from their force of darkness.
The Leatherwing Chronicles Book One is a fast-paced story of things that go bump in the night.

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The LeatherWing Chronicles by James Brock

About James Brock

James Brock spent his childhood on a homestead in central Alaska, where reading was the main form of entertainment. Never censored he went directly from the Bobbsey Twins to Dorothy Parker and Edna Ferber.

The one thing missing in his reading was a reflection of him, a boy who liked boys. Many Princes got to kiss a Princess but he longed to read about a Prince kissing another Prince.

So he now writes his own stories, reflecting who he wanted to kiss.

Credits include essays with Alyson Publications, pieces in The Seattle Gay News, Seattle Standard (defunct), two hundred fifty (plus) stories in every gay erotic magazine existing from the early 1980s through the demise of

those magazines by the mid-2000s. Two family biographies, comedy one-liners sold to Miss Phyllis Diller and Miss Joan Rivers and currently fourteen novels published through Beau to Beau Publishing. His second novel, Tailor Made, made James an Amazon bestselling author by reaching the number one position in gay romance on publication.

In 2017 James was honored to be invited by New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd to participate on a romance panel sponsored by Avon/Harper Collins at ComicCon.

Visit James Brock’s website.

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