The Last Soul by Jonathon Lively

Finally free from his isolated past, Lathan Greywind is living a stable life with his wife and newborn daughter as a taiko drum coach at UC Davis. Events outside of his control force him to take action. Faltering against the mundane and the supernatural, he is thrust into a reality he doesn’t understand. A reality filled with sentient life and power that has a will of its own.

Lathan must learn to harness his newfound abilities before he can return home to his family. If he can only figure out how!

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The Last Soul by Jonathon Lively

A Review


~ Aaron Yeagle

About Jonathon Lively

The Last Soul by Jonathon Lively

Jonathon Lively was born and raised in the Sacramento area of California. Coming from a split home, he was used to the travel back and forth between parents. Those long drives gave a young Jonathon time to think and imagine, time to create stories. Some of those stories were fun, some were forgotten, and others got him into trouble. Of the few that he remembered, Jonathon would draw pictures to express his creativity. He was influenced heavily by Saturday morning cartoons and afterschool television programs on cartoon network.

Realizing he had a potentially interesting story on his hands, he wasn’t sure what to do next. Then it struck him, it was time to delve back into all those text documents from years past and organize them into something cohesive. Three months later, Jonathon had sorted through all the documents and formed an outline for a story. Another month of tinkering on his outline and he had about thirty pages of character design, world-building, and a general timeline for those respective characters to follow. So, he began writing again, not just organizing his thoughts. And before Jonathon knew it, he had several chapters down and his first novel was well on its way. With a little guidance and some great advice from Dakota Krout, a few months later, Jonathon had written his first book.

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