The Importance of a Well-Written Book Blurb

The book blurb is also known as the description. It is the key to maximizing potential sales of your book.

In the past, perusing book stores to discover the latest and greatest book to add to your collection was an experience unto itself. The atmosphere. The exploring. The smells. The displays.

We’d pick up a book and first enjoy / read the cover. This is the FIRST element in selling your book. But after the cover grabbed our attention, we’d flip the bock over and read the book blurb. The blurb would draw us in further and make the sale.


This is SECOND element in selling your book, and some would say the most important. The blurb is where you grab’em and sell’em. The book blurb has 4 key notes to hit to be successful. Who. What. Why. And, Why you?

Start out with the obvious, your main characters. We don’t want the entire backstory of your characters, just the exciting / terrifying / dramatic bits. For example “Alene Baron is 38 years old and over seven years divorced from her philandering husband. Alene is also an avid reader of mysteries.” or “Sage Blackthorn revisits demons from her past and confronts a multitude of new ones when she returns to her childhood home to solve the mystery of her brother’s death.” Now we’re hooked. We like the main character and quite possibly relate.


Next, tell your potential reader what the conflict is. What’s the problem, the challenge, the adventure the main character has to experience? For example, “Sage is confronted with a flood … Continue reading

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