The Impact of Visionary Fiction on the Real World – W. Bradford Swift

I asked myself a question recently: Can a book of fiction make any significant difference in the real world in which we live? I didn’t get around to asking that question until after thirty years of being a professional author and having published a couple of dozen books. Still, my perspective on writing began to change in 2019. I contribute that change to two key factors:

  • I became much more interested in the upcoming presidential election that’s due to take place on November 3, 2020, especially when I learned that author and spiritual leader, Marianne Williamson had entered the race. That spark of interest was fanned into a flame when I started listening to her message and vision for America and the world.
  • I also began to participate with an international organization, Landmark Worldwide. This educational organization had made a profound difference in my life in the late eighties and nineties. I even met my wife in a Landmark course, but then we stopped participating until 2019. Through participating in their Curriculum for Living, I became re-energized that I could make a difference in the world through my writing.

Here is why I decided I had to write my next book of visionary fiction entitled, The Fringe Candidate (Book One of the Amberica Series). The current state of our political climate is one of tremendous division between our two parties here in the United States with Independents caught in the middle. It’s a climate where many of our leaders are more interested in maintaining their political careers than serving the citizens who elected them. It’s become so bad that it’s … Continue reading

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