The Hunt by Jacqueline Terrill

After 30 years of marriage, Rachel observes herself amid a matrimonial nightmare. At first, she sought to write off Seth’s nighttime escapades and drinking as a midlife crisis. The local sheriff hands her a foreclosure notice because her mortgage hasn’t been paid. Rachel perceives that something is awry.

Devastated and needing space to reflect, Rachel accepts a respite from her best friend Lauren to hang around at her cabin in the Allegheny Mountains for Thanksgiving, where she reconnects with Lauren and her family.

When Rachel tries to understand Seth’s change of heart, the schemes of her husband, mother-in-law, and the entire Blackstone crew unravels. The family she married into became an illusion.

As her 30-year marriage dissolves, Rachel realizes that getting into the Blackstone family is one thing, but getting out alive is another.

Desperate to get off of this roller-coaster ride without shattering, Rachel must figure out the shrewdest way to pull herself up out of this turbulent charade.

Can she stay alive through the worst episodes that marred her down to her knees?

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The Hunt by Jacqueline Terrill

A Review

The Hunt is about Rachel’s journey in discovering that life isn’t always what it seems.
Rachel and Seth have been married for 30 years and she starts getting these glimpses into a life that doesn’t make sense to her. Things aren’t what they seem at all. This is a suspenseful and slow burn book. But well worth the read.

Rachel finds out Seth isn’t the man she thought she married, she’s learning that he has a secret that will change her world forever. Rachel takes some time away from her home with Seth and visits their daughter, and things start to pick up there, they’re being followed but Rachel isn’t sure by who. Things take another turn when she keeps getting unexpected problems through out her journey.

Rachel, finds comfort in a friend that’s going through his own turmoil. Friendships and bonds form more through this. Will Rachel be able to pick up the pieces in her now loveless marriage or will she be able to move on and form a new life with Cole?

~ Danielle Lynn Reads

About Jacqueline Terrill

The Hunt by Jacqueline Terrill Jacqueline Terrill is an Author of Romantic Suspense,Chick-Lit, Mystery, and Historical genre’s. She’s a native of Pennsylvania. For more than twenty years she was an Entrepreneur, Business owner. She attended Shenango Valley School of Business, Gannon University for Business Marketing, and attended Penn State Shenango Valley Slackwriters’ Group.

Jacqueline also runs several AUTHOR GROUPS. Currently she is ghostwriting, and getting ready to prepare for her next two novels.

You can visit her on FACEBOOK:

Visit Jacqueline Terrill’s website.

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