The Hidden World of Wysteria – a Film – Owl Willows

Owl Willows has just released a silent film on YouTube, based on her novel series of the same name. This film focuses on the two main characters from Book Three: Beneath Rain and Stars.

Edgar and Aleka are two misfits who find each in a very unusual, magickal way. They find Wysteria through a mysterious tree, and decide to leave Earth and go beyond the stars to live in Wysteria. It is in this world that they are accepted by understanding spirits who love them.

Directed by Owl Willows and created by the author and her family, this film tells the story of Edgar and Aleka and of their journey into Wysteria. We wanted to tell this story in a way that was abstract and relaxing, in a way which embraced the loneliness of Earth that Aleka experienced, and the magick that Wysteria held. The story explores New Age concepts in a peaceful, thoughtful manner. Filming took place in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and in the Seattle area.

The Hidden World of Wysteria novel series is available at at Lulu  and Amazon.

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Owl Willows is a New England author who now lives on the West Coast with her significant other and their lovably kooky cats. She loves nature, … Continue reading

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