The Ghosts Of Craven Manor by Joseph Daniels

This book is an interactive novel which takes you on a ghostly, time-traveling adventure with multiple paths and puzzles that you must solve to reach one of multiple, thrilling endings.

You are Dave Ingram. When you and your fiancée are given a chance to move into Craven Manor, you think that you have just been given the deal of a lifetime. That is until you discover the house is haunted. When your fiancée is possessed by one of the spirits inhabiting the house, you learn that the only way to free her is with the aid of a time-traveling amulet. In an attempt to remove the ghosts from the house, you must travel through time and learn the truth about what happened there, so that you can either fight the threat in the present or possibly attempt to prevent it in the past. The choice is yours.

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The Ghosts Of Craven Manor by Joseph Daniels

A Review
“Fantastic book, although really hard. Its a great challenge for anyone who finds game books too easy. “

~ Dane Barrett

About Joseph Daniels
The Ghosts Of Craven Manor by Joseph Daniels My background is mainly in theatre and film, where I originally pursued careers in acting, directing, producing, editing and screenwriting. Most of this work was writing screenplays for independent companies, some of which were made into low budget films and others which remained on the page.

In the latter years I realized that of all these different jobs, the writing was the one I enjoyed the most and often found myself wishing that I could just write stories for a living.

After meeting the love of my life on a touring theatre production, we both chose to leave the theatrical life behind and came to live together and combine our talents of writing and art. It was here that I began to write my first novel: The Hermacles Divide: The Coming of the Dhufal, part of an intended seven-book series, which my partner has done all the artwork for. Since then I haven’t stopped, and don’t intend to until every story in my head has been written down, published, and shown to the world.

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