The Gardens of Ailana by Edward Fahey

There are places on this planet not confined to the logic of men or limitations of science.

Pagans may have erected strange mounds or circles of giant stones there. Religious seers built great cathedrals or temples where those stones had once stood. Legends spread about miracles and healing wonders, and for centuries pilgrims flocked in from all lands. Or they may have been left alone, unknown but to the few; tended by very special beings. Something inside a few troubled souls draws them to such centers when they’re ready. In our modern-day fictional tale, four people with very different backgrounds, each scarred by a horrific childhood, meet at a place of healing where one’s most crippling darkness must be faced down. In the rubble of their lives and broken spirits, they learn that in their weaknesses lie their most profound strengths. In their festering wounds, they find hope.

In “The Gardens of Ailana” we see through the souls of mystics, experience laying-on-of-hands from the healer’s point of view. Feel at home among wonders and magic. We may find answers to some long-troubling questions: What if everything does serve some purpose? When is it not right to forgive? Beyond all the religious hype, what happens when I die? When my child dies? How does karma work? – And this time say it so I can understand it. Is there any ultimate balancing of goodness and wrongs? In this moving, mysterious tale of redemption, we explore that intimate pain we all carry inside us, marveling at the rich complexity of the human spirit. And at the simple beauty and logic of what lies beyond.

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The Gardens of Ailana by Edward Fahey

A Review
There’s magic here and a pervading sense of wonder.

This is a magical story, wreathed in tragedy and infused with an almost effervescent resilience.

In many ways, Fahey’s easy use of metaphor reminded me of some of Gibran’s more transcendent work. Although it in no way is framed like Dostoyevski, there are still elements of Miracle, Mystery, and Authority reminiscent of “The Grand Inquisitor.” At its core, this is a story of spiritual healing, something rich and strange and altogether wonderful.”

~ Tumble Pup

About Edward Fahey
The Gardens of Ailana by Edward Fahey Novelist, teacher, and celebrity masseur Robert Edward Fahey has just spent six months Cropped cave portrait in Europe investigating spooky sites and spiritual centers in the United Kingdom and Italy. He explored Stone Age ceremonial centers, the Vatican, letters of the Theosophical Mahatmas, and haunted ancient cemeteries.

Bob has lived in many parts of America and beyond, camped in deserts, and lived on a cruise ship; studied with artists, philosophers, mystics, and healers, always digging deeper into the ultimately unknowable. He currently holds up in a secluded mountain cabin in the Carolina woods but travels wherever the spirit – or spirits – call him.

Visit Edward Fahey’s website.

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