The Enemy of My Enemy by Richard Caldwell

While in Monte Carlo, a brilliant Saudi playboy starts having dreams and auditory hallucinations. During these visions, he believes that the Archangel Gabrial is commanding him to resurrect a modern-day Caliphate, establish a new Islamic world order and become the first global Caliph. As the frequency and intensity of his dreams increases, he starts hearing a single, overpowering voice which lays out a plan for horrific terrorist attacks against the United States. The plan centers around a plot to attribute the attacks to North Korea forcing the United States to retaliate. The result will be an all-out nuclear war with China and Russia. The 21st Century Caliphate will emerge from the ashes of this exchange, subjugate or destroy surviving infidels, and establish its Caliph as the undisputed ruler of the planet.

At the same time, a despised, increasingly unstable POTUS loses a bid for a second term in office. The POTUS vows revenge and intends to immortalize himself as the president who surgically removes a “tumor of a dictator” before a new administration takes office. He has the determination and commands the military might to do so. He also has a radical strategy to contain the conflict and to restore what remains of North Korea once the dust settles.

These forces run parallel until they intersect at a terrifyingly plausible, explosive conclusion.

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The Enemy of My Enemy by Richard Caldwell

A Review
“An ingeniously plotted and expertly written political thriller with underlying themes of terrorism, political intrigue, and war, The Enemy of My Enemy by Richard Caldwell is a real masterpiece in the genre. Reflecting the reality of contemporary political and religious landscapes, this narrative follows Abdulla, a Saudi playboy, and a sociopath with an unusual dream.

Plagued by hallucinations and dreams of a new caliphate, Abdulla gradually begins to hear a powerful voice in his head, one that gives him a new mission and a vision—to create a regional, even global caliphate. The thought of becoming the Caliph fascinates him. The thought of being the undisputed ruler of all the territory and all the inhabitants of the caliphate is irresistible. He would include infidel slaves and meting out brutal penalties for breaking even minor laws. But to achieve this dream, he is about to set the US against Korea and start a war that will cripple world powers. And will the despised and unstable US President have the leadership that can stop evil of such magnitude?

This is a well-written thriller with an international setting and characters that readers want to follow. The POTUS can be read, especially by those who don’t like the current administration, as a powerful reflection of President Donald Trump. The plot is strong, the setting vividly portrayed, and the conflict staggering. I enjoyed the way the author plunges readers into the mind of the antagonist, exploring his sick ideas and following the complex plan he has laid out to destroy the world. The Enemy of My Enemy is brilliant; it is an engaging novel with relevant themes and characters that reflect a culture that threatens the survival of our world.”

~ Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

About Richard Caldwell
Mr. Caldwell retired as an Airborne Army officer after twenty years’ service which included combat tours in Vietnam with 2nd Field Forces and D-71st. He then served as a Hospital Administrator for twenty-four years before retiring in 2013. His education credentials include a B.S, an MBA, a post-graduate fellowship in Healthcare Administration and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Mr. Caldwell holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo and is a certified SCUBA diver. He enjoys camping, fishing, kayaking, and his Harley Davidson Softail. He and his wife Patricia live in Pike Road, Alabama.

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