The Dragon’s Rising by Nathan Ayersman

Centuries ago, Rakar Gorxand was chosen by the Twelve Ancients to eliminate darkness from the world wearing a suit of armor imbued with the Ancients’ power. Over time, he became corrupted by the very evil he sought to eliminate until he became the largest source of darkness on the continent of Naegleria.

Now Falkier Inalumin, a wrongfully imprisoned court scribe, has been granted a sword containing the spirit of the Dragon Ancient. With this sword in hand, he must travel across Naegleria on a quest to locate the pieces of a new suit of armor capable of eliminating Rakar and correcting the Ancients’ mistake.

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The Dragon's Rising by Nathan Ayersman

A Review

Nathan is a really good writer. His style is clear and visceral and lets you feel like you’re there, but the story moves at a good clip and you don’t feel too bogged down by details, even as he is excellent with descriptions. As an example, there’s clearly magic and supernatural elements at play, but he never uses the words “magic.” He shows it. The world he created is detailed and layered, with nations, religions, laws, languages, colorful intricate characters, and he shows command over it all.

It’s a fantasy novel but it also, in many ways, reminded me of a Kung-Fu novel. There are ancient powers of deities taking forms of animals and dragons here, all with their own personalities. There is goodness and training as tests are pressed and challenges faced, all in very imaginative ways.

The hero we journey with, Falikier, is seemingly simple at first, an unskilled scribe victimized by unfair cause, yet still remains good and pure. A nice example given is that he cares for others and animals, mainly puppies, not his own. Throughout the novel, he gains skills and learns astonishing revelations as he teams with memorable and exciting characters, such as “The Archer” and his guild.

This novel is a nice set up for what’s to come in Book 2 and an epic clash between good and evil. It’s a really fun read.

~ Cameron Glenn, Author of Ghost Dragon

About Nathan Ayersman

The Dragon's Rising by Nathan Ayersman Born in the flat rural terrain of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, I occupied my mind with the escapism of fantasy novels to explore the worlds created by Robert Jordan, Brian Jacques, and Christopher Paolini. Eventually, the image of a sword with a hilt in the shape of a dragon’s mouth came to me and inspired me to write what would eventually become the Ancient’s Armor series. The first book “The Dragon’s Rising” took several years to write while also attending veterinary school, but I expect the books that follow to have a shorter delay.

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