The Dragon Lady by Angelique Anderson

Wylie Petford suffers extreme tragedy, only to discover that she holds great purpose.
The Dracosinum, a magical device with a key to her heritage, will unlock her future while leaving her love Lord Adrian in the past.
The loss of her closest friendship, the taking over of her home and town by Villainous Lord Ukridge…. is there no good to come from her life?
Now, with the odds against her, she has one chance to become who she is meant to be, escape her shackles and defeat the Lord Jameston.
19th Century London has seen nothing like this – The Dragon Lady is ready to sweep you up in a steampunk world full of corsets, steam-powered gadgets, and dastardly villains.

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What Comes With The Dust

A Review
“I loved this young adult, steampunk Dragon adventure with its amazing, humorous, and dashing characters. It was a one-sitting read for me, because once I started it, I had to find out the rest of the tale.
Wylie inherits magical abilities when her father dies and his magic is transferred to her. The poor township in which she abides is in danger of being destroyed by the evil Lord Ukridge and Wylie must try to save it.
She is secretly in love with Lord Adrian, for whom she works in the estate stables, but, alas he is betrothed to her best friend.
Without giving away the ending, just let me say that this book is a must read for the young adult, steampunk fans. You won’t regret it.
I highly recommend this delightful story!”

~ Gaston D Sanders, author

About Angelique Anderson
Angelique S. Anderson is an award-winning author, with a total of seven books, and three novellas. A fan of Chronicles of Narnia growing up, and an avid song and poem writer, she wrote her first novel in November of 2013. In it, her passion was born, and she went on to write the second and third to what would become a young adult fantasy series. Unable to quell the desire to write after the fantasy series, she went on to write a three-time award winning sci-fi novel, Eden’s Serum, with its sequel to be released in March of 2017. Always an advocate for foster children, she followed that up with her personal story of abuse and neglect in Award winning Little Lost Girl: The Complete Series. Her recent release, Twisted Intentions is her first paranormal novel aimed at young adults. While touching on suicide, bullying, and manipulation, it is not a self-help book, but a book written to entertain. Her hope is that through her writing, people will find help, healing, and great story telling. You can follow her on Facebook at:
Twitter: authorasandersn
Visit Angelique Anderson‘s website.

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