The Divine Sedition by Martin Lundqvist

Guided by her prophetical visions, Keila takes on the oppressive Terran Council. But can the source of her visions be trusted?

The Divine Sedition takes place in the year 2872 and follows young Martian rebel Keila Eisenstein in her fight against the oppressive Terran Council.

In a vision, Keila realizes that to reach her goal to free her people, she first has to liberate the asteroid colony Eden from the tyrant Abraham Goldstein. She succeeds and takes control over Eden.

Having gained control over Eden, Keila fakes her own death to fool the Terran Council officer assigned to detain her, Rear Admiral Bjorn Muller.

Keila decides to use Eden as her base of operations deceptively turning the Terran Council members against each other. Keila faces overwhelming odds trying to take down the mighty Terran Council that has been dominating the solar system and oppressed the majority of humanity for over 500 years.

Keila does, however, have one trump on hand against these overwhelming odds: Her mysterious divine connection.

Her visions are leading her way, and with access to the late Abraham Goldstein’s technology, Keila can unveil secrets that will help her free humanity from the oppression of the few elite plutocrats dominating all of humankind.

But, her connection comes at a price. Thus, are the Zetans, controlling Keila as a puppet, indeed better than the Terran Council oppressors she seeks to replace?

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The Divine Sedition by Martin Lundqvist

A Review
“Fast paced, commentary-style writing with a good storyline and plenty of action. In this central part of the story arc, though I am not sure I really like the main character, I think I understand her. She is decent, highly focused and determined. In truth, the societies Martin Lundqvist has created in these books are on the dystopian side when it comes to the types of leaders that emerge and gives a strong sense to his main character’s sense of injustice and desire for change. Without giving spoilers, I like her very human moments when having a God chip is just a little tempting!

Throughout, there is far more emphasis on “tell” rather than “show” and this something the author (on his website) admits to. I personally think he “tells” it rather well.

Having read the first book, The Divine Dissimulation, I found the flow-on with The Divine Sedition easy to pick up and I really enjoyed the read. There are syntax issues here and there and the editing could have been tighter but the author had a story to tell and I guess such things were just details! As a criticism, I’m not overly keen on characters becoming sexually aroused at random times with sex and death being treated with equal perfunctory weight.

That said, Martin Lundqvist has a very individual style. I personally love it and he has won a fan! I say get this book. Be entertained. Recommended.”

~ J. Walton

About Martin Lundqvist
Martin wrote his first book, the psychological crime thriller James Locker: The Duality of Fate back in 2013. After that, Martin had a short break from book writing due to the hectic life of working and earning his salary as a Soccer Referee and Hospitality Attendant.

In late 2015, Martin decided to continue his passion of writing, and finished his first Sci-Fi novel, The Divine Dissimulation, a couple of years later. After a few good and “not so good” feedback and comments from readers, he decided to pursue his Sci-Fi’s sequel of The Divine Zetan Trilogy. In mid-2018, Martin finished his second sequel of The Divine Zetan Trilogy, The Divine Sedition.

Somewhere around that time, Martin also managed to write a short-story for children, called Matt’s Amazing Week, and decided to write a novella with a funnier and light-hearted take of his first Sci-Fi book The Divine Dissimulation, Divine Space Gods: Abraham’s Follies. Upon good and exciting reviews from lots of his readers, he decided to write both official sci-fi novel and parody version of his Zetan trilogy sequel, and in early 2019, Martin wrote his second novella, based on The Divine Sedition, Divine Space Gods II: Revolution for Dummies.

He has recently finished his third and final sequel of The Divine Zetan Trilogy, The Divine Finalisation, and is now available on Amazon and Goodreads.

Since then, Martin has written various short stories and novellas for book writing competitions, as a means of getting more readers and marketing his books to a bigger genre of readers. His latest creation is The Portal in The Pyramid and Sabina’s Pursuit of The Holy Grail.

Visit Martin Lundqvist’s website.

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