Explore the BRUniverse and WIN Free Books!

In this next evolution of the BRUniverse, I introduce a very fun element to your experience. As you explore the BRUniverse you’ll also get to explore the virtual universe by collecting “Supply Crates” and earning “Achievements.” Then you rise among the ranks from Technician to Alien.

Your Supply Crates are a currency that you can use to purchase a digital copy of a book offered by one of our authors! 10 crates = $1

We also have hidden activities that will provide you with 20 Supply Crates.

Simply “Register” and start exploring! Click here to see our participating title and authors.

How to Collect Supply Crates

Collecting supply crates is essential to your exploration of the BRUniverse.  Here are some of the ways to collect …

Supply Crates

5 Supply Crate Awards

  • Become a Citizen of the BRUniverse (10 crates)
  • Leave a Comment (10 crates)
  • Read Posts (1 crates)
  • Watch a Trailer Read Posts (1 crates)
  • Click a Mystery Link (20 crates!)

List of Achievements


Ahhhhh. The moon. So close, and yet, so far away. However, it IS the first step in your interstellar journey across the BRUniverse. Once the moon you'll need to build a base.

Collect 200 Supply Crates to get to the moon and build a base!


Now that you've set up base camp on the moon, your next target is Mars, the red planet. Unfortunately, you'll have to get passed those asteroids!

You'll need to collect 300 Supply Crates to get past the asteroids.


That was close! You've managed to get passed that rogue asteroid, now you'll need to navigate the asteroid field to reach your first planet, Mars!

Collect 400 Supply Crates to get through the asteroid field alive!


You've made it! You're on the red planet, Mars! Unfortunately, we're not going to stay long; we're using Mars to help slingshot us back to Earth.

It'll take 500 Supply Crates to make it.


Before you can explore the BRUniverse you're going to need a spaceship!

Collect 100 Supply Crates to build it.

Next stop ... the Moon.


Launching from Mars you head back toward the Earth in order to slingshot to Venus!

You'll need to gather 600 Supply Crates to get back to Earth.


Ahhhhh Venus, a truly heavenly body! You zoom by Venus getting ever closer to the speed of light.

You must collect over 700 Supply Crates to get to Venus.


Mercury, the pint-sized planet that's hotter'n'hell. Thank the stars you're only passing by.

You will need to collect 800 Supply Crates to get to Mercury.  Now go explore!

The Sun

The Sun! Without it we die. It's also the largest planet in our solar system. Because of its magnificent gravitational elements, we'll use it to slingshot us toward light speed to exit our solar system.

You need to collect 900 Supply Crates to power around the Sun.


Saturn is the last stop before exiting the solar system. You've slingshot around Mars then the sun to throw your ship to near lightspeed.

You need to collect 1,000 Supply crates to get to Saturn.

Solar System

You'll need to get a better ship now that you've reached the edge of our solar system!

Of course, getting to the edge of our system will take 1,100 Supply Crates.


Maybe it should be called IFO - Identified Flying Object!  This is the ship you'll need to start your inter-galactic journey so start exploring the BRUniverse.

You will need1,200 Supply Crates to build your IFO.

Ursa Major

Ursa Major, a constellation comprised of stars and planets.  We're traveling there to discover new life, new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.  *ahem*

However, it will take 1,300 Supply Crates to get there.

To The Stars

Ad astra.  To the Stars! Once you've visited Ursa Major, its time to continue with your interstellar voyage and explore the BRUniverse.

You will need to collect 1,500 Supply Crates to reach the stars!

How You Stack Up



Before you can begin exploring the BRUniverse, you'll first have to earn your chops by working first as a technician.


After you've spent time as a technician, you've earned the respect of your peers and are awarded the rank of "Cadet."
Now your experience and really blast off!


1 Requirement

  1. Alien Conversion