The British FrontLine by Thomas J Eyre

Patrick Regan is a man on a mission.

Expertly trained by the Royal Marines and with crack sniper skills, he’s always taken the fight to the enemy. However, now he realises that while he’s been away, Great Britain has come under attack

His parents are dead, his sister is missing, and he’s getting zero help from the authorities. Regan is forced to face the faceless: the insidious thugs of the invading Russian Mafia.

With their sights set on the complete domination of Britain’s organized crime, their toxic regime of bribery, intimidation and violence has even infiltrated to the very top of Britain’s military intelligence.

Once again Regan prepares to take the fight to the enemy, but this time, he’s hunting on home soil.

If you like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, David Baldacci’s Amos Decker, and Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, you won’t be able to put down Thomas J Eyre’s compulsively addictive CodeName Orcus series.

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 The British FrontLine by Thomas J Eyre

A Review

The British Frontline by Thomas J. Eyre is a military sniper story. Regan is the main character in this story. It opens with Regan and a comrade in Iraq on a mission. The tension begins to build immediately in this thrilling book. Raw, real details of war are not withheld. Certain scenes in the book come across in much the same way as a gut punch. Others build slowly until reaching a climax. The interplay of both types of scenes is masterful.

Characters are well developed and interesting. The plot moves at a great pace. It contains enough twists to keep readers interested. I must admit that military fiction is not something I normally choose. Mr. Eyre reached out to me via email to see if I would be interested. I am glad I said yes. This one kept me on the edge of my seat. I found it difficult to put the book down.

You have a hit on your hands, Mr. Eyre. I give this one five out of five stars.


About Thomas J Eyre

 The British FrontLine by Thomas J Eyre Thomas J Eyre was born in Oxford and moved to Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire when his family relocated in 1969. He left school at the age of 15 and worked as a cook, waiter, plate collector and washer-up in his parents’ transport cafe before joining the Royal Navy in 1973. As an Aircraft Handler/Crash-Rescue Fireman and he is proud to have served on Great Britain’s last true fixed-wing aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal before she was scrapped in 1978.

Since leaving the Royal Navy he has worked as a long-distance class 1HGV driver, drayman, fettler, and mechanical engineer. He worked on contract in Libya and in 1995 became a Bachelor of Science after graduating with a 2:1 honors degree from Bournemouth University. A motorcycle accident in 2000 left him with serious injuries, finished his engineering career and almost his life. He now lives in Poole in Dorset and after many years writing stories for his own amusement has been prompted by friends and family to publish some of them.

Desert OverWatch is book one in his CodeName: Orcus series is set in the backdrop of the desert in Iraq, in the run-up to the first war in the Persian Gulf, after Iraqi dictator Sadam Hussein sent his army in to occupy Kuwait. Old rivalry surfaces with deadly consequences amid the stress, tension, and danger of life behind enemy lines.

The British FrontLine, the second of his books in the CodeName: Orcus series, follows Royal Marine Sergeant Patrick Regan who is repatriated from the fighting in Afghanistan to bury his mother and stepfather, after they are killed in an explosion that destroyed their yacht. On returning back to Great Britain, Regan finds out his half-sister, Susie, is missing and he sets about finding her. The body count begins to rise when he discovers that Susie has been abducted by Russian Mafia gangsters.

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