The Book of Love: A Schizophrenic’s Discoveries from a Metaphysical, Spiritual Awakening by Eddie Faggioli

The Book of Love is a memoir of a schizophrenic’s real-life journey, which brought him to empowerment and balance, and showed him how he could make a spiritual contribution. The reader will experience Eddie’s life openly, through his thoughts and darkness, which lead to the light of the story, and explain how Eddie got there. Through this, you will find your own light—as we are all connected. On these pages, Eddie has also left contributions to the mental health field that will be enormously helpful to anyone suffering from a setback or disease, as well as showing us a path for world peace. You are called upon and challenged to live a higher inner spiritual journey, one that you know in your heart you can obtain. That journey is yours to discover in these pages.

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The Book of Love: A Schizophrenic's Discoveries

A Review
“Eddie Faggioli’s The Book of Love is an amazing story of discovering spiritual clarity in one’s life. This discovery comes in many forms. However, in the end, one always recognizes he or she is one with a higher intelligence. It is finally realizing that life can be good and healed through total acceptance and connecting with that power that lies within each of us. Eddie’s overcoming of so many obstacles in his life is proof of just that. Eddie’s book is an easy read and I highly recommend it…”

~ Rev. Ron Neff, Ordained Unity Minister

“Through my adversity I learned that eventually after I became spiritually awakened that schizophrenia is actually a partially spiritual condition and instead of just having psychiatry and psychology there also needs to be spiritual coping skills so I’m gonna post future blogs or post videos about what I feel are the spiritual coping skills for schizophrenia and this would be to a value to anyone caring for schizophrenic for schizophrenic themselves people suffering from a mental health illness or even just a setback because spiritual coping skills can be applied to everybody well or or suffering from a disease.”

~ Eddie Faggioli

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