The Black and White House by Robert James Bridge

In the 1950s, born to a poor family, Joshua Jenks is a black man who rises to the challenge of becoming a Senator for Memphis. Privileged to be taken under the wing of Sam McLeod, the patriarch of a rich white family for whom his family worked under, he is given an education the envy of many of his friends and peers.

His dreams, though, put him directly in the line of racism even as he confronts the world of politics and power. Terrorism and its threats play a huge role in his line of work as a Middle East advisor with direct access to the President himself.

Jenks’ story takes its readers on a journey as it weaves in and out of suspense and intrigue.

A Review

Robert James Bridge stumbles with the setup in the first couple of chapters but by chapter 4 Joshua’s story picks up speed and drama. Interweaving a very real story of racism in the 50s and 60s south with growing political intrigue, the story will involve you deeply. Pacing throughout Joshua’s story is swift and the emotional elements are really felt. At times it seems Robert takes a matter-of-fact approach to the more emotional elements; this is a thriller, of course. I’m trying to keep spoilers out.

All in all, The Black and White House is a well-written political thriller within a strong historical backdrop. Definitely worth a read.

~ Aaron C. Yeagle

About Robert James Bridge

I am a prolific Author who has been writing for many years and searching for a publisher who is not a vanity publisher. At last, I found a publisher who published two of my books and I paid nothing. avidpublishingLLC published my book of Irish Romantic Fiction S.W.A.L.K. Sealed With A Loving Kiss on 2nd Aug 2019 and then my book of on the edge suspense The Black and White House on 13th Aug 2019

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