The 19th Hole Series by Jack Cottam

Three books telling the story about a group of ten people who meet to play golf in the summer months. Everything was fine until of the golfers persuades the others to invest their life savings into a new Investment Plan. They all participate and were very happy for a few months – until they all receive a letter advising the fund was closing and all the money had been lost in a gold mine in Africa. They all attend a meeting held by the liquidator but none of them believe the lies they were being told. They dismiss going to the police because they realise their money will be hidden off-shore, so they decide to devise a plan to get their money back which involved recruiting the wife of the man who stole their money.

The second book focuses on the villain who discovers his estranged wife has helped the group, and with the help of the accountant he appointed as liquidator, devises a plan to cause as much trouble as he possibly can to the people who have tricked him and who persuaded his wife to work against him. People are investigated by HMRC, by the police for modern day slavery, by the police for money laundering, for common assault and for gross indecency. Many face years in prison and it is only by working together can they hope to defeat their adversary whose imagination to cause as much damage as possible is only restricted by money – something he still had a great deal of. From within the group there emerges a plan to stop the investment manager once and for all but, it goes very badly and lots of people lose their lives.

In the third book, the remaining members of the group work to prove the event which resulted in the loss of life of their friends was not an accident, but a carefully planned and executed mass murder. Everyone is convinced they know who is responsible – but how can they prove it when the Coroner and the police have ruled it was an accident.

The 19th Hole – a journey starting with an innocent group of friends playing golf and ends with some of them murdered, and all of them fighting for their freedom.

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The 19th Hole Series by Jack Cottam

A Review

After reading the first of this trilogy, the second promised to be more convoluted, with so many separate storylines to be plaited together!

Once again, each scenario built and sometimes overlapped another … yet again the finale included several unexpected ‘tail twists’ … and realistic sequés to the final volume … here I come !!

~ David Horton

About Jack Cottam

The 19th Hole Series by Jack Cottam Jack Cottam. Born in 1949 in Middlesbrough. Had a varied career and came to writing in 2015 after retiring. Married to Margaret since 1972 and has four grandchildren. Writes from home which is in Hampshire.

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