Strictly Personal by Jack Gail & Paul Gallender

I’ve always believed that the Justice Department is the spine of the country, and it’s supposed to protect every American.

That being said, the job of federal agents and prosecutors is to turn people into rats, stool pigeons or informants, and they’re rewarded with promotions that enhance their pensions and reputations. That’s what our justice system has become and it’s been that way for decades. I know this because I’ve had a front-row seat to that behavior and I’ve been victimized by it in a major way.

Most people would inform on others in a second if it meant staying out of jail or getting their sentences greatly reduced. The Feds try to take your soul but I’m one of the few people who refused to let anyone take mine. Because of that, I became a marked man in the eyes of the federal government for more than 25 years.

Federal agents and prosecutors don’t care that their behavior ruins the lives of people and the lives of their loved ones. They look down on people who betray others, but they despise the guys who don’t. That’s what makes it so personal to them. They get angry and they hold grudges. They want to cost you as much money and aggravation as they can and they do it with a vengeance. They enjoy destroying people and some of them love it.

A reputation takes a lifetime to build but a second to destroy. I paid a heavy price for one stupid mistake, but the agencies and people on the cover of this book didn’t think it was punishment enough. I was never given a second chance, other than the chance to become a government informant, which to the Feds was my only option.

When I wouldn’t flip on the guy who put me in prison, they made up their minds to punish me and they didn’t care how they did it. When FBI agents do something as mean-spirited and blatantly illegal as what they did to me, it’s because no one is holding them accountable for their behavior. Give some guys a badge and a gun, and look out! It gives them power over people, and some abuse that power. In 1977, FBI agents lied to protect themselves and they did so at the expense of my wife, my children, and me. But that wasn’t good enough for the Feds, because the ATF pulled the same shit on me 15 years later, and this time they went for my jugular.

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Strictly Personal: Why Federal Agents Conspired To Frame An Innocent Man And How They Got Away With It by Jack Gail & Paul Gallender

A Review

Great read. Lots of real life drama. Finally some people are willing to tell the truth about the crimes that go on. I would like to see this become a movie.

~ Jay A.

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Strictly Personal: Why Federal Agents Conspired To Frame An Innocent Man And How They Got Away With It by Jack Gail & Paul Gallenger BIO

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