Stages Of Love by Bhoomika Dekate

There are different kinds of love blooming around us, we come across a few of them and a few remain undisclosed. Here, I’m describing the kinds of love I have come across. Find out how different is my known love kinds from yours. This book brings to you a new world of love, not just love but the holy essence of it. Discover what is known and what is left out through this book.

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Stages Of Love by Bhoomika Dekate

A Review

Such a wonderful book! There were a few lines that made my heart smile. People who don’t know how to express their feelings to their loved ones or are out of words should surely read this one.

~ Aparna Mendu

About Bhoomika Dekate

Stages Of Love by Bhoomika Dekate Bhoomika Dekate is an aspiring writer, inspired by her surroundings. She firmly believes in her words to change the world and make the world a better place to live & grow. She was 15 when she started writing. Her works have been published in various anthologies. She’s a Psychology, Journalism, and English Literature student who uses her education to make her words more effective. Do check out the book, “Stages of Love” and “Fantasy”.

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