Spirit of Prophecy by VF author J.J. Hughes Wins Award

The audiobook version of Spirit of Prophecy has recently been awarded first place in the Audible category of the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards. This was against all entries across all genres – so a round of applause for us Visionaries, eh? We are thrilled and excited by the win but not surprised, given how superb voice artist Matt Addis’ narration truly is. Listeners have commented to us that Matt’s narration reminds them of the brilliant Orson Welles in his seminal radio broadcast from the 1930’s, War of the Worlds.

You can hear a sample here on our @SoundCloud account: https://t.co/0BSFkiJGFn

If the sample enthuses you to buy the audiobook it’s available from ACX here: Spirit of Prophecy

We’re of the intention [aka Law of Attraction] that this award is just the first of many, it’s entered in the Readers Favourite awards, so fingers and toes crossed we manifest a win : win. Please do have a listen and don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of Matt’s fantastic interpretation. Equally if you have any queries about Indie publishing we’d be delighted to assist. [‘We’ being myself and fellow Indie author Grant Leishman.]

In Love and Light

J.J. Hughes

About the author

J. J. Hughes was born in Cottingley, a quaint little village in West Yorkshire, UK. A mother of three, J.J. is a former investment banker, having spent 23 years working both in … Continue reading

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