SPAGirls Podcast – Episode 219 – Christmas and Our Favourite Guests of 2019

It’s always Christmas in the SPA!

Let’s clear the air!

All our lovely guests are special and they resonate in different ways with each of us. But, if we had to choose . . .

Here they are, the ones who made us really think about what we do. The ones who push us to do better. And the ones who inspire us.

SPA Girls Podcast – EP188 – Cozy Mysteries With Morgana Best

SPA Girls Podcast – EP182 – Facebook Ads with Maria Luis (Part One)

SPA Girls Podcast – EP214 – Interview with Lindsay Buroker

SPA Girls Podcast – EP187 – Interview With Forensics Expert Geoff Symon

SPA Girls Podcast – EP210 – Slow & Steady to Six Figures with Serenity Woods

SPA Girls Podcast – EP189 – Pantsing with Patricia McLinn

We thank them all. And also, thank you for being here and giving us added encouragement to do this thing we love.

Merry Christmas!

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