SPA Girls Podcast – EP206 – Interview with Chris Fox: Ads For Authors Who Hate Maths

This week we have the pleasure of talking with Chris Fox, author of 20+ SFF novels and very popular non-fiction books for writers including his latest, Ads For Authors Who Hate Math.

Chris once worked in Silicon Valley developing iPhone apps but he’s now come over to the dark side and very successfully writes books about dragons tearing apart starships, and gods blowing up planets. He published his first book in October 2014, and, in his own words, has sold a shit-ton of books. 
In this episode we talk about how to run your ads in 30 minutes a day; how to run profitable advertising campaigns using a simple aggregate sales model; and how not to stress out over figuring out your read-through and cost per click numbers.
Chris also discusses how to create an audience for your ads, images, symbolic recognition and his key tips for ad copy and pruning ads. 
If you’re intimidated by advertising (and spreadsheets!) this episode will make you feel a WHOLE LOT better! 

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